Friday, April 30, 2010

I bought a mandoline and some awesome coffee cups yesterday!

I sometimes need inspiration to get back into action. I have been so busy over the last month that I haven't had much time to dedicate to my kitchen and trying new recipes. It took trying something new from one of my favorite restaurants yesterday to get me back in the swing of things and excited to try new recipes. Once I find something I like, I rarely stray from it. At Green, I am never disappointed with the mock chicken kung pao. I hadn't eaten lunch there before, and I really wanted something lighter. I decided to order the Balsamic Picnic salad, which is fresh greens, strawberries, figs, pecans and a balsamic syrup (on the side).
 I was determined to re-create the salad at home. The apples were so thinly-sliced, I knew I needed a slicer of some sort to achieve the same result. I went to Crate and Barrel after a lunch with my sister to find a mandoline. I walked out with an oxo mandoline slicer.

I also got some reusable straws in fun colors.

Amie and Chris took us out to True Food Kitchen on Monday and the boys got coffee with dessert. The coffee was served in these glass-in-glass cups, without handles. I was intrigued because the glass wasn't hot, but the coffee was. Turns out they are Bodum pavina tumblers and Crate and Barrel carries them. They can be used with hot and cold beverages and they don't sweat. I love green iced tea (with yellow straw) and Matt loves root beer (with orange straw). We are so matchy-matchy. ha.
I have a thing for tiny spoons...I know, weird. I like to eat food with the tiniest spoons possible. So, naturally, I bought these cute sorbet cups with matching spoons. I got a green one and a blue one. They were only $2.95/each....I couldn't resist. They are super tiny.

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