Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New kitchen stuff

I love Sur La Table. There is one right by Fashion Square on the South side of Cameback and Scottsdale Rd. I picked up a few kitchen things that I have recently seen on Food Network. I am currently obsessed with the food network.

Salt pinch pot from Sur La Table:
A zester from Sur La Table....this one is great because you can put it face down over the bowl or plate you want to zest over, or you can have the zest collect above the item you are zesting. I prefer #2.

I bought an oil spritzer from Sur La Table. All you do is pump the bottle 6-7 times, then it is ready to spritz.
 I can never find the right measuring spoon when I need it, even though I have like 2 of every measure. I found this on sale and it rocks! It is a foldable measuring spoon from Sur La Table.

I have been obsess with Giada's kitchen on the Food Network. Since her 3 tiered basket from her set is sold out everywhere (look to the left of her on the counter), I am now using my 3 tiered serving tray as a way to keep lemons, limes, garlic and avocados at hand..

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