Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I did it! I made it 365 days as a vegan! It gets easier every day!


  1. aw yay!
    I have been sad lately with being vegan. I just get frustrated.. could just be a bad day. I cant wait for it to get easier and easier

  2. *vegan fist bump* Awesome! Hey, is the banner your actual kitchen? If so, I'm jealous.

    misslarissabree: I've been vegan for several years now and I sometimes have frustrating days, but it is so much easier than when I started. Even my frustration (which tends to be with people being rude to me) isn't as intense as when I started. Meet up with some vegans! Make yourself something awesome to eat! *vegan fist bump for you too*

  3. Thanks Misslarissabree and Mona! Mona-yep, that's my kitchen! The decorating is a bit different currently, but the overall design is the same!

    I have found that browsing the grocery store for new vegan products keeps me from getting bored and frustrated with being vegan. I'm always finding new frozen foods and snacks that keep me excited!