Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lenny and Larry's Complete Cookies

I am in love...with a cookie. I usually scour the aisles of Sunflower and Fresh and Easy for new vegan items, when I go shopping. A couple weeks ago, I saw these massive cookies at Sunflower called Complete Cookies by Lenny and Larry. Right on the front of the packaging, it says 'vegan'. I bought a chocolate chip one just to see if it was any good. I split the soft cookie own the middle and gave half to Matt. We both looked up at each other after our first bite; YUM! So, this is not a low-calorie food, but it is not highly-processed and is a great source of protein. For half a cookie, it is 5 Weight Watcher points. You really only need half a is huge. I bought a few the last time I went to the store, and when we need a sweet treat, we grab a Complete Cookie from the pantry. You'll love it.

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