Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nourish Restaurant in Scottsdale (Highland and Scottsdale Rd)

While randomly searching the internet for 'Vegan restaurant Scottsdale', I stumbled upon Nourish. Nourish is a new restaurant that has only been open a couple weeks. What I love about their menu is that they denote vegan menu items.

Nourish Menu

10 of their 12 starters, sides and snacks are vegan (11 are vegetarian)
5 of their 7 soups and salads are vegan (6 are vegetarian)
All beverages are vegan
1 of their 6 sandwiches are vegan (3 are vegetarian)
All 3 Non-beef burgers are vegan
1 of their 7 entrees is vegan (4 are vegetarian)
They rotate their desserts, including vegan selections

Today we decided to get take-out to eat by the pool, since it is such a lovely day. We both ordered the sweet teriyaki burgers.

The burger is an amazing combination of chickpea, sweet potato and black beans with a slightly spicy seasoning. It is served with air-fried (without oil) crispy sweet potato waffle fries. The fries are seriously crave-worthy. They are seasoned with cinnamon, which I thought was a surprisingly good flavor combo. The burger is normally served on a bed of greens, but we got ours on multi-grain buns (lucky for us). I can't imagine this burger without the bun; the bun was the perfect compliment to the burger. We got the teriyaki sauce on the side, along with a garlic dressing that I didn't see mentioned on the menu and they were both awesome. The burger came with cucumber, tomato, onion and lettuce.

I haven't drank soda in 90 days. We decided to try the Ogave sodas and they were awesome. I had the cola and Matt had the mandarin key lime.

We asked about vegan desserts and sprung for some vegan chocolate chai ice cream. OMFG. I didn't want to stop eating it to even take a photo. The ice cream, which is made with coconut milk, was probably the most amazing flavor of ice cream I have ever tried. The take-home container had 4 baby scoops...I could have eaten like 2000 scoops of it. It was so good that I want to go buy an ice cream maker just to try to recreate the flavor at home.

This new restaurant will be seeing a lot of me....I already want to go back for 2nds. ;)

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