Friday, May 7, 2010

Queen Of Floats

I am the self-proclaimed Queen Of Floats. Every year around this time I start assessing what pool floats I must buy for the swimming season. My ideal summer day would be spent comfortably floating in or on the water. I have about 10 pool floats currently, but some of them suck. Like, pool noodles....reallly?! They suck!  And, the noodles with diaper-like mesh seats....major suck.
My favorite float of all time is the setee from Frontgate. It allows me to get a few more weeks out of my pool season. This photo was taken May 13th, 2007.....The water is probably in the high 60s around this time of year, which makes it too cold to jump right in. But, floating on the water is just as fun as swimming and you don't even know the water is cold. And, Lala LOVES floating on the water!
My version of swimming

Frontgate doesn't carry the sofa I have anymore, but there are some comparable ones out there.
Seashell Pool Float
Pool Float Sofa

I am pretty sure I need this one. It would be good for Matt and I to lounge in the pool and chat.
Side By Side Pool Float
 This is a cool smaller single person version of the pool sofa
Comfy Cool Pool Lounge

My ALL-TIME favorite pool float is this discontinued one. If you find me 2 of them, I think I would die. They aren't very durable, but the comfort and ability to be in the water seated was awesome. The seat mesh pulled away from the float parts and they both had to be thrown out.
Aloha Floating Water Chair

I found this to be an acceptable replacement for the aloha ones above, but not quite as lofty.
Sit And Float Pool Lounges

This one might be worthy of my pool....
Spring Float With Canopy

 This one looks durable, and if I had a pool sling chair that could survive more than one swimming season, I'd be a happy camper. It's not that cute, but whatever.
Floating Pool Chair
 Why are all the good pool chairs ugly?
Floating Pool Chair

I found this one and it might be perfect! I found it on Toys R Us website....strange, as it looks like a party float for hooligans!
Pool Bar And Chairs
I have been tempted by the Frontgate Splash catalog....
Um, does your dog like to float?! Mine do!
Pup Float

These chairs are the coolest! And, being all-weather, I am incredibly clear white LED, of course.
Glow Outdoor All-Weather Light-Up LED Chairs
Matt set up our outdoor speakers to direct the sound to the pool area, and with the pool house finished, we can retreat to the pool house when we've had enough time in the sun.

I can't wait for season!


  1. I've got to say, I'm completely in favor of a pool float that allows for a bartender. Jeez...I used to be impressed by a drink-holder.

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