Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Things I love: Running Stuff

I don't like to shop at stores, but I love shopping online. It's kinda my jam. I can debate for days over what to buy and ask myself if I REALLY need it. And, when I make up my mind, my items are usually still there for me to buy. I often have windows open on my computer throughout the day with full shopping carts. Sometimes I buy, sometimes I don't. I shop everything on price and always look for online coupons. My latest obsession has been running apparel and accessories.
Things I Love: Pink Running Shoes
I really wanted new running shoes, so I went to Zappos to order some New Balance 7500 running shoes. The ones I ordered had a light pink/purple accent color. They arrived the next day (signed up for for guaranteed overnight delivery FREE). But, something told me not to take them out of the box. They are definitely good running shoes, but they don't motivate me to get out and run....

I have always worn New Balance. That was until I spotted a girl at the Target checkout last week with bright pink soles on her sneakers....and a Nike swoosh! I got home and searched for 4 hours to find the shoes online. I have to say that if I select "pink" from the drop down menu on, I should have been able to find the shoes in like under 1 minute. Instead I had to search google to find out what the shoe was called, then go back to Nike's site and find it that way. Yeah 4 hours. I though they might have been European or something, as the only ones I could find for sale were on Ebay with reference to being "rare". Rare....more like hard to find because the web person doesn't consider these shoes to have pink in them!
Here are what the new pink-soled beauties look like. The style is called LunarGlide+.

Things I Love: Big Sunnies
I always buy ridiculously cheap sunglasses because I lose them, scratch them or break them constantly. I haven't seen a chic pair of oversized wayfaers that called my name, but these ones did. Can't wait for them to arrive, so I can retire my scratched pair of $7 forever 21 ones. These are $28 from . I know these don't look like sunglasses you'd wear running, but I would...because I am awesome. ;)

Things I Love: Asics capri running leggings
I am one of those people who wear layers to work out. Like 2 shirts and long thick pants for hot yoga. I'm not crazy, but I just have a hard time finding workout clothes that "work" on me. I took my sister with me to try on capris at Sports Authority, so that I could lighten up my wardrobe and try to be more comfortable when working out. I found these lovely below knee length Asics running capris and I love them. They don't nip at the waist and the length is great for tall girls.
Things I Love: Garmin 305 wristband GPS
I was introduced to the Garmin wristband GPS units by my friend Stephanie. I was always asking her during our runs, "How fast are we running?" And, she'd look at her wrist and tell me. I didn't need a super fancy one like the 405, but I wanted one that tracked my pace every second, not just an average like the lower-end models.  The 305 is perfect for me. I even have a virtual trainer, which allows me to see my progress against previous runs. I am overly excited to learn everything it can do. I already put it to the test this morning and ran my fist 11:05 mile...I haven't ever ran faster than a 12 minute mile (maybe I have, but I didn't have any proof before).
I am waiting for some MyChelle natural chemical-free sunscreen to's the last thing I need to have a successful, burn-free run!

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