Friday, November 12, 2010

6 Things I Love So Far For Winter 2010

1) This dress....which I will wear without shame, in public, with uggs. I bought my sister one, too, so we can be utterly obnoxious and ridiculously holiday-obsessed with our matching outfits, including our "Get Out Of My Way, I'm Going Christmas Shopping" bags! This was my first purchase from ModCloth.

2) Scarflettes like this one. I found 2 amazing bow tie scarlettes at Cost Plus, of all places. They were $16.99 each in a marbled knit (one in a citron blend and one is a mocha blend). I am in love with these little scarves! Scarves are my necklaces for the winter.


3) My new 1960s equestrian blazer purchased for $38 from seller AdrianCompanyVintage on Etsy (I LOVE Etsy).

After seeing a lovely version of a herringbone blazer on EmersonMade for $238, I was just casually searching for a vintage version and came across one on Etsy in my size. It just arrived today and it is lovely!
How cute is this EmersonMade jacket? I think my vintage one is pretty similar, with the exception of the buttons.

4) Leatherette boots in camel $31.95....and they look fab. They have a zipper in the back, but I really like that they are super comfy and actually a a little big in the calf area.

5) Green Mountain Apple Cider for Keurig. Single serve awesomeness....I am in love. Served in a double-walled insulated glass=perfection.

6) Choc Choc dark chocolate mint thins from Fresh And Easy. I have kinda given up on chocolate because most of it contains milk. Well, well, well....pretty packaging caught my eye, ingredients are vegan (70% dark chocolate and no milk) and they are rich and oh-so-coooooool.

More winter, please!!!!!!

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