Saturday, September 17, 2011

Vegan Restaurant Review: Pomegranate Cafe

My friend Miranda recently told me about Pomegranate Cafe in Ahwatukee. I didn't know that all their menu items are vegan---how cool is that? All the baked goods and menu items are vegan, but they do offer eggs (instead of tofu for breakfast/brunch items) and dairy cheese (instead of vegan Diaya cheese) to appeal to vegetarians. 

We went for a late afternoon lunch today and ordered pomegranate iced green tea, roasted red pepper hummus platter, and tempeh BLT sandwiches. The tea was tart and naturally sweet; very refreshing. The hummus was tasty and served with vegetables and warm bread slices. The BLT was simply awesome. I have to learn how to get my tempeh to taste like theirs! The baked goods looked way too good to pass up. So, against my waistlines wishes, we got 2 slices of vegan cake (lemon with strawberry frosting), raw vegan donut holes and coconut macaroons to take home. I wish I could have tried everything on the menu...I just have to make plans to visit often. The berry pepita french toast sounds absolutely divine...for next time.

Pomegranate Cafe

Tues-Sun 8 am - 4:30 pm
Closed Mondays

Red pepper hummus platter
Vegan tempeh BLT sandwich....super yummy bread
You can't leave without some dessert to go!
Matt picked out some macaroons and some raw doughnut holes


  1. This place looks awesome! Definitely on my list of must-trys. :)

  2. I am already craving the food from there again....sooooo good! You'll love it!

  3. Thanks for the mention on your blog. :)