Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Nails...Minx are hard to catch!

I am amazed that after a couple weeks of asking friends, asking people on twitter (including minx), and calling salons about Santa Minx, that I am still bear-nailed. I found the santa face minx nails I want on ebay, but the seller never responded to my e-mails, so I wasn't about to buy them from her. Salons didn't call back, even ones direct from the minx website and personal recommendations from friends. I was willing to pay top dollar with several friends to have christmas minx. Oh well.

 These are all I wanted for the last 2 weeks...

I did a candy cane nail a week ago

I might print out santa faces and do a gel for Christmas.

Or do something like this:

Can't have Christmas without festive nails!

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  1. Hello lovely! All you need to do, is find a salon that is willing to order them from specifically for you. As with any design! We have them in stock and are ready to send them out!Hope this helps and have a lovely Christmas & New Year!