Monday, December 20, 2010

Our home featured on Retro Renovation blog today

In case some of you are stopping by for the first time, due to a mention in today's Retro Renovation post titled Design Ideas From 7 Mid Century Living Rooms, I wanted to share a little bit about the Hibbard House with you.

We purchased our home in May of 2005, and it had the word 'renovation' all over it. This wasn't our first home (we still own our 1st home, a 1959 traditional ranch home), 
but this was our first attempt at renovation.

The home was sold to us by the original owner, who bought it in 1963. Our home was built by Allied Construction and the architect was Charles Schreiber. 

The home was fairly original inside, but the home was in very rough shape. Before the house could even be appraised, we had to paint walls, install temporary flooring and clean up the landscaping. Check out our Flickr album with BEFORE photos.

The home was barely habitable during renovation, but we managed to live in the home through it all (and not kill each other).

We did a lot of work to the house over the last 5 years, including new plumbing, new electrical, new roof, new kitchen, new bathrooms, new landscaping, new paint, new flooring, new windows, new doors, new gates, new garage, new additions and a new pool house/casita. We tried to preserve what we could, and if we couldn't, we renovated with 'retro' in mind. We have over 1,200 before, during and after photos of our home on our Hibbard House Collection on Flickr. We restored the exterior color of the home, by taking a paint chip to Home Depot. We used birch plywood to create the new kitchen, matching the same material originally used for the cabinets (My husband, Matt Hibbard, of Hibbard Custom built the kitchen with raw lumber). We took out popcorn ceilings and installed v-grooved birch plywood ceilings. We created a 35' wall of glass, where there used to be block. We did a lot of fun stuff to jazz up the house and keep it retro, but modern.

Mr. Hibbard got real dirty during our renovation

Here is are some before and after shots:

We finally finished the pool house/casita
We decorated the family room
 We built a patio cover
 Here is the patio cover at night
 Finished pool house at night

We've been honored to share our home with Sunset Magazine in the July 2010 issue.

We also opened our home for the Modern Phoenix annual home tour in 2008.

Glad you stopped by to check out HibbardKitchen!


  1. Fantastic - thanks for sharing this! Love your home and what you have done. It's a labor of love, most of us can attest! Happy holidays to you!

  2. Wow, what a great story! You all make it look easy!

  3. That is very awesome :) Hope we get to shoot for the stars in our home renovation, as well, but with far less dirt haha! But great job! There's a sleekness in the pool house that is just minimalist and economical. In any case, have you tried solar roofing? Would be a fine addition to an already snazzy abode you got there.