Saturday, December 4, 2010

My holiday list of treats to veganize this year

Crack Corn
I am going to be making vegan white chocolate from scratch this coming week, so that I can make my holiday "crack corn". Crack corn is a gift from the gods (and my twin-in-laws). It combines fresh popcorn, white chocolate, peanut butter, peanuts and rice chex cereal to create the best seasonal popcorn treat ever. The only non-vegan ingredient is the white chocolate, which always has milk in it. I'm looking forward to posting a success story, when all my white chocolate ingredients arrive (raw cocoa butter, a candy bar mold and soy milk powder...everything else I have on hand).

My friend Libby holding some crack corn from my holiday party last year

Gingerbread Fatties
I make gingerbread cookies every year. I use the same recipe every time. I just have to experiment with the best egg replacer. I only need to replace 1 egg, use non-dairy milk in place of regular milk and use Earth Balance instead of butter. I don't even think anyone will know they are vegan. These cookies are good that around this time of year friends start asking if I going to be making them again this year. Ha.

Only photo I have of my gingerbread fatties from last year

Candy cane/peppermint ice cream
I don't know many people who like peppermint ice cream, but I love it! It's rich, creamy and has chunks of candy cane in every bite. I would usually buy store-bought peppermint ice cream, but I just bought a Cuisinart ice cream machine on Amazon. I can't wait for it to get here. Not only am I going to make peppermint ice cream, I am going to try a salted caramel recipe and a tangelo sorbet (I had my first tangelo of the season today).
This is the Cuisinart ice cream/sorbet/frozen yogurt machine I ordered for $69.95 from Amazon.
Buckeyes are a holiday favorite. They are basically a peanut butter ball confection dipped in chocolate. The only modification I need is to the butter, which I'll replace with Earth Balance. I'll probably work with this recipe and modify it.

Buckeyes photo from All 
So, the good news is that the 4.5 lbs I gained from Thanksgiving week I lost this week (lost 5.5 for good measure). I am down a total of 15 pounds from January of this year, which I attribute towards my new vegan lifestyle. This time of year is always hard, as I want to bake and eat everything in the world! I am hoping to make my holiday treats, have a little myself and give the rest to others to enjoy, as well. We'll see how that goes. I might have to do a lot of running and kickboxing this month!

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