Saturday, March 20, 2010

True Food Kitchen

Matt, Christie, Rachelle and our grandma met for lunch this past week at True Food Kitchen. I love True Food Kitchen because the food is so wholesome and tasty. Also, they clearly mark if items on their menu are vegan. Matt got the organic tomato and olive oil pizza and quinoa tabbouleh salad with local arugula, beats, pomegranate, lemon and extra virgin olive oil. I ordered the Terryaki tofu with brown rice, asian vegetables, sesame and avocado. I tried a bit of Matt's salad and it was divine. I should have tried his pizza, but I was trying to be good. In the spirit of being good, I didn't partake in any dessert. Matt got some vegan strawberry sorbet and Christie got an apple crisp. Their house iced green tea is from Passport Teas and it is so tasty that I typically don't leave there without a to-go cup (which is made of corn and completely compostable). Good times!


  1. Hey there! I know your sis and found my way to your blog from following your shared twitter account! I have been LOVING all of your recipes and posts, although I have yet to comment. My hubby and I live in Prescott, but we're down in Mesa this weekend, so we're going to stop by this restaurant as per your recommendation tomorrow on the way out of town! Very excited. So thanks for the idea.

    I'm Danielle by the way:)

  2. Danielle! Nice to meet you! I have seen your blog and you are adorable! I hope you like True Food Kitchen....we love that place! :)